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Cambridge Medicine Journal Review “Each full-colour image offers a myriad of visual representations of the differential for a particular clinical presentation.”

“Studying clinical medicine doesn’t have to be dull, as Mr Dickson has proved with Picturing Medicine.”
“We welcome the new visual generation.” Cambridge Medicine Journal Reviewer. 

Student BMJ Review “The days of learning medicine from a textbook are gone. Modern teaching techniques and the concept of individual learning styles have revolutionized education, and technology allows us to access resources anywhere, anytime. Picturing Medicine, a medical smartphone application, combines both superbly.”
“The app works on the concept of “visual memory” – clear, associative images are more easily remembered than written information alone.”
“The images are clear, vivid, and more memorable than a bland written list of differentials.”
“You can choose to hide or show labels on each diagram, helping students to test their knowledge, and to form links between the memorable images and the associated causes.”
“So next time you sense you’re about to be grilled by your consultant on the patient with shortness of breath, why not use your phone to quickly revise and impress them by confidently and correctly listing the common differential diagnoses?” Student BMJ Reviewer. 

The BMA Book Awards “The images are certainly memorable and using them does make it easy to learn.” BMA Book Award Adjudicator

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